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We Believe You Deserve...

  • An experienced trainer who can offer you a choice of solutions specific to your needs, not just some cookie cutter approach that doesn't work for you.

  • A training program that EMPOWERS you and helps you develop confidence in handling your dog, and inspires your dog's trust in you.

  • All the support and coaching you need over the long haul, to help you grow in your relationship with your dog.

  • A trainer who actively pursues further education and continues to build their skills so they can bring you and your dog the best training solutions.

  • A trusted partner who cares for your dog as much as you do, who can make training FUN for you and your dog.

Kat the trainer with her two dogs

Hi there, my name's Kat and these two beauties are Roxi and Zoey, my best girls.

I'm the founder and lead trainer at RockStar Dogs, your go to for hooligan dogs in need of a better gig! We know you love your dog, but what if you don't always like their behavior? That's where we come in! We'll help your misbehavin' mutt perform like the rock star we know they can be!

Frenchie in a kayak in the city

Your Dog Needs You!

We're dedicated to helping you be the mentor your dog needs to navigate our complex human environment successfully, creating a mutually enjoyable, fulfilling, and cooperative relationship.

What Is Our Training Philosophy?

There are a lot of terms that get thrown around these days with regard to dog training philosophy. Unfortunately, these terms tend to confuse the average dog owner more than they clarify the methods and techniques of an individual dog trainer, so I won't use them. What I can tell you is that there is little benefit to any training that doesn't result in a better understanding and communication between dogs and their humans. Effective training needs to take into account the abilities and preferences of the owners. Most importantly, it should create an even stronger bond and result in a mutually  satisfying relationship of trust, respect and affection.

Our guiding principles can be best described by the concept of Cynopraxis in dog training.

"(Cynopraxis) is a Greek term derived from cyno (dog)  and praxis (to do), or "doings with the dog". These "doings" refer to the collective exchanges and transactions between the trainer, dog, and family aimed at promoting interactive harmony, mutual appreciation and improved life experience with the dog. Cynopraxis is a pragmatic process constrained to the complimentary goals of enhancing the human-dog bond while improving the dog's quality of life." ​

~ Steven R. Lindsay , author of the Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training Vol. 1-3

There are a multitude of tools, methods and approaches to draw upon. We think training your dog should be a mutually enjoyable journey that will continue throughout the life of your dog as you learn and uncover the hidden talents of your awesome canine companion. Each dog and family has their own unique set of needs, so our training approach will be calculated  to meet those needs as quickly and as completely as possible, allowing for adjustments as needed, to get the desired results with a  minimum of stress for the dog, the trainer and the family. The one constant is the end result...happier dogs and happier people!  


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