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Dog Training That Works!

Lose the frustration and fall in love with your dog...all over again!!

We know you LOVE your dog,

we help you ENJOY them too!

Do you want a well behaved family dog that you can take anywhere?

You've Come To The Right Place!

Do You Feel Like...

You're crazy about your dog, they're a great friend and you

love them madly! But...

  • Do you sometimes feel embarrassed by your dog's behavior?

  • Do want to take your dog more places with you, but you can't because they act up?

  • Do you wish you could take more relaxing walks without your dog barking and pulling on the leash?

  • Are you afraid that something bad might happen if things don't change!

  • Do you just want your dog to LISTEN to you?

You're not alone, we get it!

We help people just like you enjoy a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with their dog. It's great to know you can go more places and have more fun with your dog -  without the worries you have now!

Life With Your Dog Doesn't Need To be A Struggle

Together we CAN transform their dog's behavior.

You CAN have a well behaved dog!

A red Pit Bull


  • NO Jumping or Biting

  • NO Nuisance Barking

  • NO Pushy Demanding Behavior

  • NO Counter-Surfing

  • NO Destructive Behavior

  • NO House Soiling

Two Aussies


  • NO pulling, barking or lunging

  • Walking nicely on a loose leash

  • No "selective hearing", your dog will listen and respond to commands

  • Come to you when called, even when they're off leash

  • Stay put when asked

German Shorthair Pointer Puppy


  • Ability to be calm and Polite

  • Respect Boundaries in and out of the home

  • Be confident and well socialized

  • Able to go to the vet and groomer without becoming anxious or aggressive

  • Able to be relaxed and calm in their crate

We're a good fit if...

You've done your best to train your dog but there are still some stumbling blocks.

You have a new dog and you want to get things off to the best start!

You need help coping with some serious behavior, like aggression and anxiety.Any

You want to be able to trust your dog off leash so that you can enjoy a bigger, more fulfilling life with your dog.

You're so busy, you need to know how to leverage your efforts for maximum results.

You want the whole family to be involved in training and caring for your dog.

You wish you had a community of dog people who "get it" to support you.

You want more! More options, more ways to learn, more support, more resources for all of your dog's needs, not just training.

Patty's Success Story

  • My dog would go CRAZY on walks when she saw another dog, even from a block away. I was so overwhelmed, and scared! I didn't know what to do!

Kat was kind and consistent with Patty, allowing her to gain confidence that she didn't have with us.  Kat also helped US work with her so we could learn to trust each other. Now Patty can walk past other dogs normally and we enjoy our walks together. Even if she does react a little, we don't freak out and she calms down almost immediately. I highly recommend RockStar Dogs for both dogs and humans. 

~ Ruth K.

Mixed breed dog, tri-color

Skye's Success Story

  • Gone is the frustration and sense of not being in charge.  We now have a dog that listens to us and is a wonderful member of our family.

The RockStar Dogs approach to training has been the perfect blend of  intuition, fun and tough love. Kat helped ground my head-strong German Shepherd while maintaining her wonderful personality that we love so much. Kat explained our dog's behaviors and motivations in a way that made sense and gave us what we needed to become better dog owners. Kat's help in training our dog has been priceless!!

~ Lisa R.

German Shepherd Dog


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